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Anything With Software

R&D Informatics Specialists

Specialists in Research and Development Informatics 

Anything With Software provides research and development informatics consulting services to the life science, chemical and consumer goods industries. We have experience in a broad range of both R&D laboratory and general IT technology, and specialize in translating the needs of researchers and laboratories into robust systems using our experience along with technology and industry best practices.

The major product of R&D organizations is information. Data is gathered, combined, processed, interpreted, analyzed, and summarized into information communicated to the customers of R&D to make scientific and business decisions. The processes by which R&D creates that information is based on a complex landscape of instruments, software, and databases from a large variety of vendors. This means that successful long-term R&D information handling capabilities are dependent on a complete and flexible informatics architecture and design that complements the R&D processes and is specifically designed to provide longevity, stability, and the ability to adapt to change. 

Many R&D IT projects can't meet their goals because a component of the system is pushed to deliver capabilities beyond its design. Other times, the project architecture and design has incompletely specified the structure needed to meet the day-to-day operational requirements, and the resulting system fails to meet robustness, availability, and performance requirements. All too often these issues aren't recognized until the project is well underway.

Anything With Software provides a knowledgeable, experienced, and vendor-independent perspective to ensure that there is a comprehensive and definitive "big picture" that fully incorporates key IT and R&D strategic elements and critical quality attributes, and that the design and plan will meet the business goals at go-live.

What We Do

We work in an iterative, practical, and agile manner, alongside your team, vendors, system integrators, and other IT service providers to:

  • Develop IT strategies and candidate architectures in support of R&D goals.
  • Create roadmaps to successfully structure informatics projects and build meaningful long-term foundations that promote the reuse of system elements and data.
  • Design information architectures that are robust in practice and address requirements for data provenance, taxonomy, metadata, find-ability and the relationship to master data.
  • Architect and plan robust system integrations that address both data flow and orchestration of inter-system processes.
  • Develop full-lifecycle plans for structured and unstructured data.
  • Design systems for robustness, performance, scalability, flexibility and agility.

Some of the representative R&D capabilities we work with:

  • ELN, LIMS, CDS, SDMS, and LES systems, including system integration, data extraction, and aggregation to support analytics.
  • Content management for controlled (GxP) and non-controlled documents.
  • Materials registration, inventory and sample tracking and management.
  • Analytical data management and request and task management, scheduling, and orchestration.
  • Chemical, biological, and materials research test and result data management, reporting, and analysis.
  • Laboratory equipment automation and robotics, including instrument management and metrology.
  • Instrument data acquisition and analysis, including raw data storage and archival.
  • Laboratory process automation and workflows.

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